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I love to code and i am a perfectionist in the art of performance and lean-and-mean projects.
Although, i have learned by experience there is also the need to juggle with different projects,
tasks, people and objectives, which i have made a personal objective to be proficient at.


01 Mar 2016 . Cpp . C++ Units Comments

What if we could write math in code as we write it in the whiteboard ? For instance, write the human body terminal velocity as T=200km/h and make the compiler understand it as a Velocity type, and check accordingly. Well, let’s first define a Meter with a convenient print function: class Meter { public: long double d; constexpr Meter(long double d) : d(d) { } friend std::ostream& operator<< (std::ostream& out, const Meter& m) { out << std::fixed << m.d << “m”; } }; Now let’s define a Second alike: class…

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