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I love to code and i am a perfectionist in the art of performance and lean-and-mean projects.
Although, i have learned by experience there is also the need to juggle with different projects,
tasks, people and objectives, which i have made a personal objective to be proficient at.


30 Nov 2015 . AWS . AWS CPP SQS Simple Client Comments

AWS is such a wonderful platform, and code agnostic, but it is surprisingly not supported from C++ consumers. Up until now, since recently Amazon released a complete set of AWS interfaces for C++: AWS SDK CPP. I had to give it a try and wrote the most simple test for SQS. Remember to have your AWS keys in context variables: export AWS_ACCESS_KEY=<your access key> export AWS_SECRET_ACCESS_KEY=<your secret key> To run the test, pass it the SQS queue URL by parameter. Here is the complete code: #include <iostream> #include…

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